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October 19, 2020

Technical Foul Report
We require all officials to report all unsporting technical fouls shortly after they occur. Officials may still choose to call their county representative to report the technical foul. But now there is an online tool that allows for submission of technical foul reports online.

What types of fouls need to be reported? Officials only need to report technical fouls for high-school level games that take place during the winter basketball season. Only unsporting fouls need to be reported. Administrative technical fouls and other technical fouls that are not unsporting in nature are not required to be reported.

When reporting a technical foul, please be as specific as possible, but also please be brief. We don't need a full history of all interactions that led up to the foul call. It's ok to include foul language if it helps document the exact nature of the infraction.

Remember that all ejections for a single ejectable offense (Flagrant) must also be reported directly to your Board Secretary. Reporting a foul here does not relieve you of your responsibility to properly report an ejection.