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November 29, 2022


Welcome to the Online Testing Website. There are some new changes for this season. Please read the instructions carefully

Once you have successfully logged in you will be able to read and submit answers to this year's exam. A passing score is 80 correct answers out of 100 questions. You can save your work at any time, but you may only score the exam 3 time(s). Once you score the exam, your results will be saved and submitted to the exam committee. You must score the exam when you are done to receive credit for taking the exam. You may score the exam as many times as your organization allows. An E-mail will be sent to you upon completion if your E-mail is on file with us.

To login you will need your E-mail and your online PIN. If you forgot your online PIN, click the button below to have it resent to you

You have 3 hours to work on the exam in one session. Every time you click the save button, your timer resets. You will receive a warning message with 5 minutes remaining in your session. If you have returned to this screen after taking the test and did not receive your score, you may have timed out of the exam. Log in again to find out for sure and you will be instructed accordingly.

WARNING! Unauthorized access to this computer system is prohibited, and is subject to criminal and civil penalties. Your information is captured during each visit and will be reviewed by system administrators.

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